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Hey everyone! Welcome to my new updated music page! I want to thank all of the fans out there who have stuck with me since the beginning. It's a great journey that keeps on heading in an inspiring direction. I hope you enjoy my music and keep rocking!

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3/19/14: 4th Album Information Coming!

New info regarding the upcoming 4th album has been added to the website. While all that's out now is the setlist of track titles, a demo song will be coming soon to select Starbucks locations to promote the new album. Radio airplay is also on the way, so keep checking in for more info on it!


1/27/14: First Single of 4th Album Announced

The first song off of the upcoming 4th album has officially been announced for release! The title is "Love You The Right Way" and it will be previewed right here soon!


8/28/13: Birthday Time! And New Songs...

Sounds of Summer was softly released on iTunes on August 20th and will continue to be publicly announced. Crazy showed up on KYTE 102.7 FM out of Newport, Oregon on August 5th. While the third album has just been getting news, a 4th album is already underway. 2 album covers that are simplistic yet catchy are now available for preview. One reads "Deep Blue" on the front and the other "November", two new tracks from the far away 4th album.


8/7/13: Sounds of Summer Radio Premiere & Release Date

Over the weekend, lucky fans listening in to 102.7 KYTE FM out of Newport got to hear the premiere of S.O.S. on the radio with the song "Crazy" as a dedication to a 1 year wedding anniversary with Brittany! If you missed it, you can check out the link under the PRESS column. Also, Sounds of Summer now has a release date, so check that out!


5/14/13: Summertime Is Here! (not really, unfortunately)...

The amazing relaxed duet recorded with Canadian music artist December Rose is now availabe on download! Go check it out and get a sneak peek at the new S.O.S. album heading to stores in late June 2013. Also, Crazy, a new song from the S.O.S. album, is being demoed around right now. Both of these songs should be hitting respective radio stations soon, keep checking in!



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On Valentine's Day, "Waiting" premiered on the radio! If you missed it, check it out here!

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