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In the midst of the pop/rock era that swept the nation in the late 90’s, Cody R Burns was greatly influenced by many of the popular rock bands of the era like Sugar Ray and Counting Crows. He picked up the piano at an early age as well as singing through a local theater program, the Missoula Children’s Theatre. Approached by one of his good friends to perform as a lead singer at a music festival, Burns agreed and soon banded together with his buddies to form Cody Burns & Company. The group played several festivals with a few notable music acts.


In 2002, Cody’s family made the decision to move to Oregon, leaving his music path behind for the time being. When he arrived on the Oregon scene, he found no similar niche in music at the time, and stopped working on music for a while. In 2008, a classmate found out that Cody could sing, and insisted that he help out by performing lead vocals at a high school talent show. He agreed and was reintroduced to the good vibes of performance. Feeling good response to his singing, he picked up the acoustic guitar and vigorously worked on learning how to play. With some early songs forming like “Take Me Away” and “Fly Away”, Burns introduced the public to his first project setlist titled Acoustics.


Cody soon found a following of both local and worldwide fans to his songs through social media. Songs like “Walk With Me” and the classy “I’d Do It For You” were making their ways online to the most played songs in his area. He was soon contacted by Island Records to feature his songs on their website. He agreed and soon found more fans taking a listen to his music. He wanted to move on to songs with a whole new feel to them and began writing songs in a different way for a second album, Rest & Respite.


The new songs reflected the sunny beachside pop/rock scene of the California coast. Moving away from the anthem feel to more of a homegrown sound of pure acoustic guitar and catchy melodies, Burns released his second project in 2011. Favorites like “Daydreamin” and “Waiting” soon circulated around student radio, and Cody’s social media pages grew to include fans from all over the nation. The song “In Your Eyes”, recorded with Burns’s wife, became a featured song for the 2011 Texaco Country Showdown.


While fans liked the initial Acoustics project, Cody noted that the songs were not done as well as they should have been, and started a remastering project, fully recording the setlist and rereleasing it in 2012 in his new style. Not wanting to leave R&R hanging, he remodeled that setlist as well and released the new songs in 2013. “Waiting” became a syndicated song that played on mainstream radio as a gift to his wife on Valentine’s Day.


So where to go from there? Cody teased online that he was cooking up some new tunes, and this got fans both new and old talking. He quietly made announcement and released teasers for a third album titled Sounds of Summer, which would head in a slightly different direction than anything he had done thus far. For one song, "Summertime", Burns stuck to the easy feeling of R&R and teamed up with vocal powerhouse and YouTube sensation December Rose. For other songs, such as "The Fall" and "Matter of Time", Burns returned all the way back to the basic anthem feel of Acoustics. The new tracks provided a great base for new fans with just enough nostalgia for the old fans that when S.O.S. was released, the response was greatly positive. "Crazy", the likeable song on the album, was premiered on 102.7 KYTE FM out of Newport, Oregon on August 5th 2013. The album, released quietly in late August.


A fourth album titled Another Day Another Beach is already reported to be on the way with the first song, “Love You The Right Way”, releasing in June 2015. The island pop/rock artist continues to develop music that revolves around good times and the summer.

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